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​​​No Alcohol during play (unless in the voyeur's section, and not when planning to engage in play)

​Safe, Sane, Consensual: Yellow and Red are recognized Safewords - always

Alternative Lifestlye Event Services & BDSM By-the-Hour Dungeon
No Prostitution. No Solicitation.

That which is not explicitly forbidden is still forbidden - ask your dungeon monitor for clarification if you are unsure.

This is an adult-oriented website - nothing here is particularly explicit or taboo (we leave that for within the confines of our actual location), but if you are not 18 years old at a minimum or if you have some particular distaste/disturbance at adult matters, please hit your back button. Thank you.

Masquerade Reno

Call: (347) 946-2703 

The Biggest Little Dungeon

in the World!
We plan & perform alternative weddings, collaring ceremonies, and a range of special events, all geared towards our community!

Our dungeon is available for rental by the hour!

Contact us at 347-946-2703 or at for more info!

About Masquerade Reno:
  We are  not a brothel, nor an escort service, nor do we allow prostitutes (on duty) in our dungeon. We do, however, recommend that if you want to use such services, you use the legal brothels provided by our state which are safe, clean, unionized, and properly monitored.

  Furthermore,  if you wish to contract with a dominatrix/dominator, we do not negotiate or otherwise coordinate with them unless they are renting directly from us as any other customer would.

Our dungeon rate is :

$40 per hour for groups of 4 people or less.

$60 per hour for groups of 5 people and over (up to 30 total).