Masquerade Reno

We are always happy to answer your questions, and with any luck, help you on your journey through the life-affirming and cathartic experience that is the world of BDSM. Though you may know much, or might know little, you will always be respected in our demesne.

Thank you for your custom, and for your patronage.

- the co-founders of Masquerade Reno.

Fidelitas Nunqum Perit ab Mortuus Vivens

Marilyn Flores - "M. Lestrange"

About Us

Masquerade was formed with a realistic idealism - there will always be diverse interests, and differing ideals; freedom is the core ideal that which unites the unique.

When you rent our dungeon or engage our services, you are purchasing that ideal. You are saying, "I wish to live my life the way I choose, and I choose to do it wisely".

Amor Monstrorum Servant

David Harrell - "Mr. Kalm"

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Our Purpose:

"To create a space where people can enjoy BDSM & alternative lifestyle practices

safely, sanely, & consensually "

Masquerade Reno provides a sexy well-equipped dungeon for the casual kinkster and the hardcore lifestyler; events that bring together denizens of the moolit world of BDSM in spaces of safety and comfort.

Our Mission

David Harrell Co-Founder

Marilyn Flores Co-Founder