About Masquerade Reno:
  We are  not a brothel, nor an escort service, nor do we allow prostitutes (on duty) in our dungeon. We do, however, recommend that if you want to use such services, you use the legal brothels provided by our state which are safe, clean, unionized, and properly monitored.

  Furthermore,  if you wish to contract with a dominatrix/dominator, we do not negotiate or otherwise coordinate with them unless they are renting directly from us as any other customer would.

Our dungeon rate is :

$40 per hour for groups of 4 people or less.

$60 per hour for groups of 5 people and over (up to 30 total).

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Masquerade Reno a Brothel?

No. We are a boutique dungeon, providing playspace rental and some BDSM-related consultancy. Active-duty prostitutes are not allowed inside for legal reasons.

2. Does Masquerade Reno have Dominatrixes / Dommes / Dominants on hand?
No, we do not - we are a playspace provider, we do not provide any direct services of that nature.

3. How much to rent, and how do I do it?

The dungeon in its entirety (all stations, social area, etc) are rented for $40/hr, minimum rental of 2hrs for up to 4 people. 5 people and over, $60/hr with a minimum of 2hr rental. We are a cash-only business.

4. Do you have classes, instructors, etc?

We do have classes, and if you would like to book a class or instruction you can email us through the booking link. Our standard open classes are posted (when available) on bdsm social media websites such as FetLife. We have traveling instructors and local instructors who put on their classes as well!

5. What do I have to do to get into your Open Play Party any Saturday?

Show up. That's it - we are a New York style dungeon, meaning that you may enter on good faith - if you follow the rules as proscribed in our Tour, you will be fine. If you violate our rules and/or our community, depending on the severity of the rule-breaking, you may be blacklisted from our dungeon or worse.

6. What is the dress code?

We ask that you remain in vanilla-friendly clothing until you are inside, at which point we ask only that you put a towel down if you are nude. If you are in doubt as to what to wear for a class or other event where frippery might be distracting, all black minimum is an old-fashioned rule-of-thumb.

​7. What rooms do you have?

Our dungeon is New York boutique-style, which means it is one continuous space without separating walls, to best enforce the rules of the dungeon. When you rent it privately, you are renting the whole dungeon.

8. Are you close to any restaurants, bus stops?

​We are 20mins walk from the bus stop, and 8min drive from local restaurants.

​9. Can we take photos & video inside the dungeon?

During a private rental, yes. During a class or other event, audio/video/photo recordings are only allowed with the express permission of all those within the expected view of the recording (including reflections)

10. Can you provide toys to play with?
No. Especially due to recent circumstances, we cannot provide toys - we recommend you purchase your own kit bag with cuffs and implements. We do provide cleaning supplies, but always recommend you have some of your own in your kit bag as a matter of course.

11. Does Masquerade have a specific stance on social issues?

Masquerade Reno is proud to be politcally and socially neutral, with respect to all matters not related to the preservation and safety of our fellow community members - we are not here to judge, only to facilitate the safe enjoyment of our culture. That being said, infringing on others' enjoyment is not allowed in our desmesne - especially to those who are new, please act respectfully towards others during events.