Masquerade Reno is also proud to have hosted local presenters knowledgable in many different fields, and welcomes all out-of-town presenters to contribute in like fashion!

Jay Wiseman: Mr. Wiseman is currently an expert BDSM witness and BDSM author - he has been an EMS professional of 8 years' experience, and an adjunct professor of law with the now-defunct New College of California School of Law. He has produced 12 books, a cornucopia of other literature & media, and presents regularly on bondage and BDSM safety.

About Masquerade Reno:
  We are  not a brothel, nor an escort service, nor do we allow prostitutes (on duty) in our dungeon. We do, however, recommend that if you want to use such services, you use the legal brothels provided by our state which are safe, clean, unionized, and properly monitored.

  Furthermore,  if you wish to contract with a dominatrix/dominator, we do not negotiate or otherwise coordinate with them unless they are renting directly from us as any other customer would.

Our dungeon rate is :

$40 per hour for groups of 4 people or less.

$60 per hour for groups of 5 people and over (up to 30 total).

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Masquerade Reno is proud to be Nevada's only professional dungeon hosting educational and artistic presentations by some of the biggest names in BDSM on a global scale!